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About Us

TIPTAPTOUCH is a new innovative way to be able to use your smart devices without having the hassle or inconvenience of taking off your glove. The product is a result of years of experience of the inventors in the textile field. Using the know how of yarns and elastomeric properties and knitting fabrics combined with design. Conductive gloves are an emerging market but there is limited choice hence prices to the consumer could be prohibitive to the average consumer. Even for more affluent folk they rarely buy a pair that suits their style or look. With TTT we are offering a product that does not restrict your choice of glove wear and is affordable and adaptable to all sets of gloves you may own. The designs are unlimited and the range created includes different colures including fluorescents prints and decoration. These are an ideal stocking filler that does not discriminate on gender or age as one sleeve fits all if its too long simply fold over into a cuff style our special material will grip your glove comfortably. Although we do not class our product as waterproof it has a very high degree of water resistance and will work whilst wet.


The versatility of TTT is demonstrated in many ways, here are a few examples. Imagine being on a ski resort and we have all seen the amount of gloves dropped when going on a ski chairlift most likely because someone wants to take a scenic photo Also think about how many times your phone rings or you have to send an urgent text while being outdoors in cold temperatures with TTT you don’t have to fumble or break stride.